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  Established in May 2000, SurviveALL is the leading UK stockists to the general public of Swine Flu, Bird Flu and "NBC" (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) products that are designed to protect people’s health in the event of an NBC incident. Our mission is simple, "to educate, provide and protect."

We do not sell army surplus. If it's not good enough for our soldiers or healthcare workers, it is not good enough for you. We only stock brand new ISO or NIOSH approved protective suits and masks. For example, our mask maufacturer supply gas masks to the US army, UK army, local government and the French navy.

Buying Bird Flu Masks, Swine Flu Masks or NBC products will most likely be a new experience for you. It is essential you read and understand what it is you are purchasing. We have put together a comprehensive FAQ's section that will cover most of your questions. However, if you cannot find the answer there, contact us. We are here to help.

Finally, if you do decide to make a purchase from us, make sure you read the instructions and practice. It is imperative you know how to use the product. Be Prepared.

We use a live booking system. If it lets you order, it's in stock and the goods are reserved for you. All orders dispatched within 48hrs.

  Featured products
Dental Emergency kit
See details
Lifesystems Emergency Dental Kit
SKU: Dent-Kit

Lifesystems excellent dental repair kit. Everything you need.

Please click on the image to see the full contents of kit.

Our price: £10.99
including VAT

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20 x FFP3 Child Bird Flu Masks
See details
FFP3 Child Bird Flu Masks x 20
SKU: FFP3 Child Swine Flu Masks

• 20 x masks
• Designed to fit children from age 3 - 10yrs
• Quality product manufactured in Europe
• FFP3 (N100) protection
In stock

Our price: 46.00
including VAT
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Potomac Emergency Mask
See details
Potomac Emergency Escape Mask 
SKU: Potomac

Designed to provide certified protection for all known biological and chemical terror threats - including anthrax, cyanide, sarin, and smallpox. It also provides protection against irritants and toxic substances such as smoke, severe dust, combat gases, powder/aerosol, tear gases, and airborne viruses and bacteria, each alone or in any combination, as may be used by terrorists or as a result of fire or other disasters.

Our price: £86.25
including VAT

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MSA Advantage 3000
See details
MSA Advantage 3000 Gas Masks
SKU: Adv 3000

Full facial shield, provides great visibility and is a ballistic hard polycarbonate. Dual canister mounting system. This greatly reduces the force needed to inhale/exhale.

*** includes 1 set of NBC twin filters ***

Our price: £87.00

including VAT

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